are oysters vegan

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  1. I personally think pearls are gaudy, but I eat oysters. Trying to simplify it into animal and non-animal is just lazy. In this immense universe of ours, how can there possibly be nothing in between? We, humans, are simply calling them animals, despite a MAJOR biological difference. The same silly humans who also called the Earth flat! This is not a simple classification, and like everything else in life, it is not black and white. An even more intelligent species from a different corner of the universe could visit and tell us we actually have 13 different levels of life. The fact is, we can’t be sure of anything unless we can actually experience their existence ourselves. So we do our best. And while I am against suffering, I am also pro-science and advancement. Instead of googling a list of what vegans can and can’t eat, I actually learned about the creatures on our planet myself. That’s how I ended up moving forward from being pescatarian for 25 years, but why I still eat bivalves, local honey, and the eggs that fall out of my friend’s pet chickens (waste not!). I don’t have a label, and you know what? It’s a good thing. Being unwilling to see anything differently than what you’re told is why our species is in the mess it’s currently in. After thousands of years, I’ll never understand how humans have become so close minded in this day and age (both meat eaters and vegans alike!).

  2. Wow. Great article. I’ve been eating a plant-based lifestyle for the past year due to health reasons, and the more that I learn about living a harm-free/plant-based lifestyle, the more amazed I am at the things I don’t know!

    Even if I wasn’t living this lifestyle, I would for sure have considered oysters an animal – in fact, I still do. I personally could never eat them as a vegan (and I could never eat them before my lifestyle change!).

    Thank you for your knowledge. I truly appreciate it 🙂

  3. They are animals, so they’re not vegetarian. While they might not feel pain the way we do, that’s not the point. Any living being tries to avoid harm and detects it in different ways – and reacts to it. Even plants to that. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you don’t eat animals. Period.
    Having said that, I loooove oysters 😉
    – I don’t call my self vegetarian or vegan
    – I’ve had them about two times in my life. Once ages ago in Brittany on vacation in February (don’t go there in February, but there were no tourists and we got them right from the local fisherman). The other time so my husband could taste them.

    Even if you call yourself vegan, I totally get it. It’s a pain to exactly tell people what you eat and why. So vegan is just easier than .. sorry, I already forgot the name. Even if you are 100% vegan every other day – better than never!

  4. i agree with you both it just doesn’t feel right to eat them. Plus, i don’t really buy the sustainability and benefit for the environment argument. What about the gas to farm, the disruption of the land/water, the working conditions of the people in the industry etc. I just wouldn’t fee ok about eating them or wearing pearls.

  5. Even if they don’t have a nervous system and they don’t feel pain, I still find it morally wrong to take away their life.