minimalism and simplicity - parent and child enjoying the moment

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  1. The dictionary is Merriam-Webster. It’s wrong multiple times in this piece. Hard to take things seriously when. One can’t be bothered to get the name correct to the very place they are using as a source.

  2. Marcia Adatto says:

    Love this article~! Thank you. “The core of beauty is simplicity.” Paul Coehlo. For me less is more.
    Apart from my plants I can put all I own into 4 suitcases. This was a purposeful outcome and has been so satisfying and sensical for me.

  3. Well said- PB&J 🙂
    I just retired so am able to make corrections (minimize) to my wardrobe, my meals, as well as collected clutter as I transition to a more simple life. I appreciate your warning about overdoing as I have a tendency to hyper focus. Where to begin?!? There are so many “methods”. Can a mantra work by itself or would you suggest a guide?
    Thanks for leading the way.

  4. I very much enjoyed this article. I thought I needed to become happier, when in fact I only want a less scheduled life. I know I need fewer things but seems wasteful to get rid of things just to get rid of them. I will be more mindful about adding rather than subtracting.