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  1. I read Cal Newport’s book about digital minimalism and I liked it. But I wasn’t an addict or a person who could not live without social media. I didn’t post pictures, I didn’t share personal trips, works, I was basically a consumer. Or so I thought. Until I read “Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts Right Now” by Jaron Lanier in which one of the arguments is that you become a not very nice people when you argue online with somebody else. I had Twitter and got engaged in many political discussion as my country was in the middle of a presidential election and with an inflation of more than 100%, extremist ideas afloat. And I realized that I wasn’t going to change anybody’s mind and thinking about the way I was raised (fighting for democracy on the streets with my parents and grandparents) made me see that I was only there arguing with people because I wanted to show them how right I was and that was it. I was not building anything as I used to do while working with impoverished kids and people struggling as my family struggled. And I quit Twitter. And I am back connecting with people, not with faceless individuals who may or may not give a damn about who I am and what I actually do to try to make this world a little bit better everyday. Hugs!

  2. Excellent article, Michael! I decided two days ago to limit the days I check Facebook to those ending in zero. So, basically, I will check my account on the tenth, twentieth and thirtieth days of the month only. This will save me time plus also minimize the annoyance of posts that aren’t appealing to me. I don’t own a television, so that is not a concern. I do work in a workplace with different job tasks that prefer specific types of clothing, so I’m committed to buying only wardrobe items that fit, flatter and are designed to survive the laundry and last for several years. I’ve done no spend challenges in the past. I stopped eating snacks late last June. It’s easier to pack just a lunch for work and not have to think about morning and afternoon snacks. My pantry, by no means minimal, has so many options for meals. I’ve eaten out twice in restaurants over the past six months, by choice, not because of lack of meal planning. I’ve opted to hold off purchasing furniture for my guest bedroom. I may wait until a guest actually plans to visit and borrow or buy something simple. It is good to shop for the lives we have instead of the ones others advertise for us.

    1. Thanks, Rhea 🙂 What an interesting approach to dealing with social media. Great shares as usual. Thanks!

    2. George Waswa says:

      Thanks a lot Rhea. I want to try your zero days facebook. I also do not own a television, and yours inspired me more. I also do not have someone I can call a close friend (I hope this is normal). I made wanted to make my wife and children the only close friends, but my wife is extremely materialistic we could not cope. I am still looking for a soul mate!