Our Minimalist Bathroom Essentials

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  1. I love that you’re a minimalist and using clean safe products look into lemongrass spa I found them a few years ago and now sale them myself after trying so many products for my son and his acne their products stated clearing up his face over night they are safe and natural products

  2. This minimalist bathroom article offers practical tips for decluttering and simplifying your space. Great inspiration for a serene retreat!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I live in organized clutter and ready for a change. Starting with my bathroom.
    I keep 2-4 toilet paper rolls on a shelf for convenience. Where is yours?

  4. I use coconut oil as make-up remover, face moisturizer, and conditioner/ detangler! I have another jar of it in the bedroom because it makes great lubricant 🙂 and the biggest jar of coconut oil sits in our kitchen and gets used in cooking. I only have to buy 1 jar of coconut oil per year (about $11) and it lasts me all year for all these purposes! I think coconut oil is a great friend for every minimalist 🙂

    1. Coconut oil sure is versatile! I agree, perfect for every household 🙂 Thanks for sharing how you use it!

  5. As a confirmed coffee drinker, I’m intrigued by the idea of using used coffee grounds in the shower (a second wake-me-up method, if you will) rather than sending them out to the compost heap. There’s no long-term issue with long hair and grounds combining to form clogs in the tub’s drainage systems?

    1. I haven’t experienced any issues, however, I only exfoliate about once a week so I don’t think that much coffee grounds would have an impact on my drains.

  6. Hello thank you for sharing your bathroom essentials, its wonderful, it makes my bathroom look extra cluttered (covering my face in shame)! But now I know better and will work on it. I do have a few questions: what brand mascara do you use, how do you use the long hand teaspoon as a tongue scraper? I just use the plastic ones but have seen metal ones. I love the idea though because i could avoid the plastic and save $ as well. Also, you mentioned the face creams you use, one being heavier and another lighter depending on the season. Do you use them morning and evening, and where can I find them? Im having a hard time finding a good cream that has natural ingredients, is cruelty free, and has all that good stuff.
    Also I love the idea of reusable menstrual pads!! I didn’t know that was even an option, like wow! I mean if babies wear cloth diapers, um hello us women can too!! (Lol, I refer to my pads as diapers, and of course the time of the month I just say “Im on diapers!!” Lol.
    Anyways ONE more question! What about your bathroom cleaning supplies? Where do you store those and what do you use?

    1. Hi Mya, glad that you enjoyed the post. Okay, I’ll list the answers for you below:
      1. I use Dirty Hippie mascara.
      2. I use the side of the teaspoon (linger part) and just scrape my tongue multiple times to make sure I cover my full tongue (rinsing in between).
      3. The heavier one I use is called barrier repair moisturiser in the evenings and the everyday clarity serum in the morning – both from Nourish Botanicals (Australian brand). The serum I use for both morning and evening is warmer weather. The reason I use the heavier moisturiser only in the evenings is that it’s too heavy under makeup. If I don’t wear makeup, then I use it twice a day in winter. Hope that makes sense! Other great brands that I like are OSEA (US-based) or Mokosh (Aus based).
      4. They are great! The brand that I use is Hannahpad. They use organic cotton in their pads.
      5. The bathroom cleaning products are a mix (that I’ve had a few years). I use Organic Clean for toilet (the disinfectant one that smells amazing!) and their bathroom spray for general cleaning. A mould control spray in the shower from Abode which I get from a local bulk store as a refill. I keep all these underneath the laundry sink 🙂
      Hope that all helps!

  7. Hi there
    Interesting read…
    I would like to buy some organic cotton reusable baby wipes…where can I get them from…(actually it is for my daughter to take her make up off with)
    I also want to get a safety razor (we used to use them way back…ha ha )…where do you buy them from?

    1. Hi Dale,
      The wipes are this brand and the safety razor I brought from here. They’re both Australian brands so not sure where you are in the world but you might be able to find them online somewhere in your country/area. Hope that helps!