Harmful Ingredients That Can Be Found In Your Everyday Cosmetics

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  1. Christina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this invaluable information. I just threw away about 7 lotion bottles after reading this article. It makes me sad to know that another human being would knowingly put an ingredient in our skincare that is toxic or even one that is unknown if it’s toxic. The truth is they all know damn well exactly what they choose to put in their product 100%. Unethical and very dangerous game they play. I will be enthusiastically sharing the facts from this article from this day on.

  2. Jennifer Luttikhuizen says:

    I’m listening to your podcasts everyday for a few months now and I’m learning so much. I’m completly shocked about the chemicals that I put in my body. I was already looking at if it is vegan and without animal testing, looking for shampoos without SLS and toothpastes without Fluoride. But now I’m checking the products that I’m currently using I just can’t believe this. This world is ruled by money and disgusting leaders…. Thank you so much for waking me up! Now hopefully my boyfriend will understand when I show him because he already complains about the other things I was changing.

    1. Jennifer Luttikhuizen says:

      I have one question. I’ve found safe products on more natural websites from my country, but they are talking about natural perfumes. Is this still not ok?

      1. Hi Jennifer,
        Glad to hear that the information that we’re sharing has helped you on your journey to better health! It honestly depends on the product. Most of them I would stay away from but some may be fine. If you’d like a more straightforward answer, I’m happy to have a look at the product for you? Thanks, Maša

  3. I used to opt for cosmetics I could afford, and, usually, that’s the crappy stuff. I have never been into this topic at all, but now, I have even become a consultant for Europe’s fastest-growing cosmetic label because they convinced me with their effects, their ingredients, and their dedication against animal testing. However, I first needed to make a switch in my thinking and understand the high price of good quality. My body is thanking me, and I would never want to go back.

    1. Hi Annie, sorry I just saw your comment! It sounds like you had a paradigm-shifting experience. Thank you for sharing with us. I wish more people knew about the impact of these products.

  4. According to Paula’s choice its SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE that is an irritant, not SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE. The website has a really useful ingredient dictionary.

    1. Thanks for sharing that resource Astrid, I’ll check it out! From all the research that I have done, both SLES and SLS are damaging. Yes SLS is more toxic, but both should be avoided where possible.

  5. Maya Hampton says:

    This is so helpful!! I’m trying to make the switch to a life that is better for me and our Earth, and this article has made that a little bit easier… thank you so much!

    1. You’re very welcome Maya (love the name btw!) 🙂 Glad to hear it has helped you make a step in the right direction.

  6. Judy Tripp says:

    Dear Maša: What is wrong with Colgate toothpaste? I’m afraid it’s always been the toothpaste I use. (Now, I’m using Sensodyne more. Maybe that’s OK?)
    Thank you for your information.

    1. Hi Judy, good question! There have been many studies done to point out that Colgate uses a few very questionable (harmful) ingredients, in particular, triclosan that has been banned in many countries – as mentioned above. What I would recommend that you do is download the app The Chemical Maze (link at the end of this article) and put in each ingredient and determine the safety level of each one to see if you’re personally still happy to use the product knowing what they could do. If you would like to buy something from the supermarket for a reasonable price, Grants toothpaste isn’t too bad (if you’re in Australia). I hope that helps!

      1. Judy Tripp says:

        Thank you, Maša! Actually I’m in New York — I will look for some supposedly more healthy toothpastes.