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  1. I am loving your blog! It’s easy to read and very clear on what you want to point out in each post. On this one, I need to say one thing: Scandinavians are eco-friendly but also, they outsource their own garbage. They use other countries as their personal dumpsite or they take advantage of less strict environmental laws in those countries to build their factories as it happened in mine. So let’s be careful when we praise countries for their “green” politics. When we think about first world countries with their eco-friendly food and etc, let’s not forget that what they usually get is detrimental for the countries that produce them. They don’t care where those things are produced or how they are produced as long as they feel that they are eco-friendly people. Coconut oil, palm oil and many vegan products come from countries where the environment and population are being subjected to constant abuse. In Finland case, unfortunately it is like that. (I will comment in happier terms in other posts, I promise, because I truly love the way you share your ideas about minimalism). Hugs from South America!

  2. Thanks for the article! I believe that many countries should follow the example of the Scandinavian countries!

  3. Pooja Sahni says:

    I just moved to a bigger apartment with a family of 4. Very consciously I had limited storage made in kitchen, and bedrooms. The idea was to help myself give away things that I don’t need, love or use. I love the idea of minimalism and I think it’s a gradual process. Though I have given truckloads of things already, but I feel much more can go. One of the main challenges in this process is to have my partner also bought into this idea. Another is with kids how to get to only essentials. Your thoughts on practicing minimalism realistically while living in a family with kids will be hugely appreciated.

  4. I’m interested in living more peacefully. We moved into a new home and downsized truck loads prior to the move. Still as I’m unpacking I’m finding stuff I kept that no longer serves me. My connections with these things are who they previously belonged to… grandmother, great aunt, mother, etc.
    So I’m looking for answers in minimalism. First it was just design and now it’s down to the core of my peace. I don’t want to buy furniture for the sole purpose of housing my stuff. (I just did this. LoL) I appreciate this article for reminding me of a tool that I have used to detriment what stays and what goes. Do I use it? Do I love it and does it bring me joy?

    1. Oh my Goodness Lorinda 🤣🤣
      It’s 2022 and I just did the VERY same thing in 2021!! Like you I’m now in the process of sorting thru the things I thought I would/might need in my new, smaller home and I’m finding its an arduous slog. It’s very encouraging to keep reading minimalist articles to keep me encouraged. 😄
      How did things work out for you?
      Hope this finds you well,

  5. Jeanne M. Mitchell says:

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