Gluten-free Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Cherry Tomato and Rocket

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I’ve been eating Italian food for as long as I can remember. Out of everything that I found difficult when I became vegan, Italian food was certainly one of the things that I’ve missed the most. Pizza. Good Italian wood fired pizza.

I’ve had so many different types of gnocchi and I must say that there’s nothing quite like making it from scratch at home. I didn’t think that it would be possible to make it using gluten-free flour, as they all have different consistencies, textures and flavours. I do use an all purpose gluten-free flour for most of my dishes that call for it these days and find that it works every time.

I normally make gnocchi when I have left over mash but using sweet potato gives it more depth in flavour especially when you bake the potatoes whole first. The secret to a great smooth consistency is to blend it in a food processor. I used to do it by hand, but it turns out much better when blended. If you have children, this is a great dish to get them involved in.

uncooked gluten free sweet potato gnocchi

Gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi with roasted tomato and rocket

Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Serving Size: 2-3


  • 2 medium sized sweet potatoes
  • 2-3 cups all purpose gluten-free flour
  • 400 grams cherry tomatoes
  • 2 handfuls of rocket
  • Salt for seasoning
  • Pepper for seasoning
  • ΒΌ - β…“ cup olive oil
  • 1 clove of finely chopped garlic (optional)


  1. Fork the sweet potatoes to let out steam when baking. Place on a baking tray lined with unbleached baking paper. Turn the oven on 180 degrees and bake for around 40-50 minutes or until soft enough for mash.
  2. Peel the potato and place in blender with 2 cups of the flour and season. Blend until smooth. If the consistency of the dough is not sticking together well yet and has a doughy texture, add more flour and blend again.
  3. Place the cherry tomatoes seasoned with a little olive oil, salt and pepper in the oven using the same tray from the sweet potato and bake for about 5-10 minutes until they soften and ooze tomato juice.
  4. Sprinkle some flour on the bench and break a large handful of the dough and roll into a long 2-3cm thick log.
  5. With a knife, cut the gnocchi into 3cm pieces and set aside to cook. Continue rolling out and cutting the rest of the dough.
  6. Bring a big pot of water to the boil. Place around 20 pieces in and wait until they float to the top. They should cook for another 30 seconds to 1 minute before they are done. Taste one and get a feel for how long each batch will take. (Note: As you are cooking the gnocchi, add a little olive oil to the batch that you have cooked and toss through. This will stop them from sticking to each other.)
  7. Once the tomatoes have roasted, squish them a little to make sure that all the seeds and tomato juice comes out when tossing them through the cooked gnocchi. Add the garlic and toss through again.
  8. Add the rocket on top and drizzle a little olive oil and season to taste.

sweet potato gnocchi

It’s pretty simple right? Try experimenting with adding herbs or spices into the dough mix for some extra flavour. This would have to be one of my favourite Italian dishes. How about you? What Italian dish have you transformed into a vegan dish and is a staple in your home?


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  • DESPINA HANDOLIAS 26/03/2015 Reply

    This was brilliant, thank you! As expected the gnocchi took a little time to make but it was so worth it and we got two meals out of it. We did not use gluten free flour and it worked out so beautifully. The roasted cherry tomatoes was a perfect match and a time saver compared with making a sauce on the oven top. We shared a photo of the finished product and provided your link as there was a lot of interest. Well done!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Despina! So glad to hear that you enjoyed the recipe. I agree about the sauce, it’s nice to have something simple for a change πŸ™‚

  • Danni 01/04/2015 Reply

    This sounds incredible! Can’t wait to try. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your recipe!!

  • I recently made eggplant rollatini vegan by using a homemade cashew cheese as the filling instead of ricotta. Delicious! Curious – what is your favorite gluten-free all purpose flour?

  • deb vermillion 04/05/2015 Reply

    what are the nutritional values on this recipe? thanks

  • Danni 11/08/2015 Reply

    I’ve been trying to make this over the last few days but it doesn’t seem to be working out, but I’m determined as I love Gnocchi & have nothing else to eat. So far I’ve used more potato & less flour but the mixture seems too dry to form a dough. I baked the potatoes a few days ago & put them into the fridge. Any suggestions on what to do? I was hoping to double the recipe. Thnx!

    • Hi Danni,

      How soft were the potatoes when you finished baking them? It could be that they weren’t cooked for long enough or that they dried up in storage. Sometimes potatoes tend to do that if they are left for too long. I hope that helps! Let me know how you go πŸ™‚

      • Danni 12/08/2015 Reply

        Ok thanks for getting back to me, it’s been sitting in the fridge. What do you suggest then? Just adding water until I have the right consistency?

        • Oh right. I would put it back in the food processor and add a little water and see what it turns out like. Don’t add too much water though and if you can also add a bit of olive oil in there too to keep it a nice consistency. That’s what I would try but it’s hard for me to know if I don’t physical see and feel the dough. Good luck!

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