what to do when you do when you don't feel like a minimalist anymore


  1. I feel Trigger 3 more than any. As my wife’s disability takes over more and more, the “Massive List of things only I can do” becomes longer and longer. Between the day job, the night job (since we only have one income earner) and the chores, life a has little joy any more.

  2. Thanks for the post Michael.
    I have felt complexity creep into life as well. In the past, I have found it to be hobbies getting out of control. For example, I was introduced to home brewing beer a few years ago. I liked craft beer and I thought it would be fun. Unfortunately it is a rabbit-hole of large, bulky, expensive equipment that only serves one purpose, and there is seemingly a limitless number of things to buy. When I suddenly had to move about a year ago, I had nowhere to put it all and eventually sold everything. I also questioned what was most important for me to work on, and for me that is physical fitness. Beer on a regular basis does not align with my fitness goals, so it had to go. What I do to reduce complexity is honestly question what the most important goals I want to pursue in life are (For me it’s fitness, cooking, and travel) and if something does not contribute to those areas, it is unnecessary complexity that needs to go.

  3. Totally feeling it… My partner has always be a kind of mininalist and I became one a couple of years ago. But, lately, I’ve been struggling with anxiety. At first I didn’t know the cause of it but, it seems that our goal to save as much as we can to buy a house into a small town it’s been increasing my impatience to do it as quickly as possible and I am not enjoying my days or our current apartment anymore. I think it is time to stop, slow down and work with simplicity daily to try to enjoy every day itself. Thank you for the remainder

    1. Thank you for your comment, Alicia! I can imagine it would be stressful to save up for to buy a house. But as you said, there’s so much to be grateful for in life. It’s all about remembering what’s really important.

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