What’s The Future of Minimalism? Episode 046

We know we say it all the time, but minimalism has changed our lives in ways we didn’t think was possible.

But for all of the clutter we’ve reduced and money we’ve saved, it’s the essentialist mindset of minimalism that has been perhaps to most valuable gift.

Although minimalism as a lifestyle has gained momentum in the last decade, we often wonder what the future of minimalism looks like. Does it have a future? Or is minimalism merely a trend that will eventually go away?

In this episode, we discuss how minimalism has grown over time as well as our thoughts on what we think minimalism will look like in the future.

“Minimalism as a lifestyle is ambiguous which makes it difficult to measure.”

“Use the concepts of minimalism to limit your footprint on the planet.”

“Removing the unnecessary is a great starting point on your path to simplicity.”

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