15 Lessons Weve Learned in 7 Years of Veganism

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  1. Vegetarian/vegan Chinese food exists! At least it does in the US. They usually describe themselves as vegetarian, but my experience is that they are mostly vegan. This article has a great list of ones in LA which is where I first found them. https://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-chinese-vegetarian-story.html
    I have also had veg Chinese in Oakland, Seattle, and even vegan dum sum in New York. I hope you can try some of them one day!
    And, many thanks for the reflections on your vegan journey. You both have helped me a lot with my own. Cheers to your 7 years!

    1. Ah, fantastic, Heather! We hope to try these if we ever find ourselves in the US again. Thanks for sharing and for tuning into the show.