Episode 71

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  1. Rhea Morales says:

    I’m in a minimalist by new location time in my life awaiting the majority of my things from the moving company shipped three months ago. I’ve become quite comfortable with the three bowls I’d packed and have picked up a few items second hand to make preparing vegan meals easier. I feel better not labeling. Realistically, I am very aware of how much joy I receive from purchases and have adjusted my spending. Hence, what I purchase is not the heavily advertised products and services media marinates our minds into. I am using my vehicle less and resist shopping for items that are not consumables (decorations, furniture). I have financial goals, versus minimalist limits to keep me on course. Acknowledging a spectrum of reduction towards minimalism is valid. We should allow ourselves items and experiences that bring us joy.

  2. Hi Alison, well said. You raise valid points. Personal values have more meaning, depth and are more genuine. For us, we’ve been trying to mix values with impact—which has presented its own challenges and perspectives. Your comment has given us some food for thought, so thank you!