Are oreos vegan

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  1. I have read multiple times that salt is not vegan. Sea salt, Himalayan salt those are vegan. However, processed salt from what I have read is not vegan. Do not quote me on this, but I think they use a filtering processes that makes it not vegan. I don’t know if that’s the same process that’s used for sugar or not, I think it might be different, but maybe similar. I definitely know processed salt is not vegan, I just don’t fully recall the mechanism.

    Anything derived from soy you should stay away from. Soy has estrogen, which leads to cancer and other problems in the body whether you are female or male. Soy is also known for being pumped full of chemicals and GMO’s.

    These are not organic. We should not be consuming non-organic things. Those are pumped full of pesticides and who knows what else but also lead to cancer, gut issues and many other health problems.