cruelty-free milk - dairy cows

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  1. Christine Mc says:

    I want to stop consuming milk and dairy products from cows as the life of a dairy cow is terribly cruel and unnatural.
    However, I have read this week from a reputable source (Daily Telegraph) that Alpro and Oatly sell the by-products of their oat milk production to farmers, and ironically, Alpro’s by-products from oat milk go to feed dairy cows!
    It seems it is incredibly difficult for consumers to buy fully ethically, despite all good intentions.

  2. Very helpful article. It’s difficult to be vegan after a lifetime of consuming dairy, but I am doing it, 50 per cent, 70 per cent better than trying 100 per cent and giving up.

  3. I dont understand why there can’t be a humane dairy farm.. for example, a farm that lets the cow live her whole life in a pasture, breeds the cow by using a bull, keeping the calf with their mother for at least a month before being weaned off milk, letting the cow be retired on a pasture after milk production decreases, using a good and safe milk machine, and/or treating the cow as a pet. I hope if I become a farmer one day, this is how the cow’s life will be..

  4. Mike Connell says:

    Very interesting !
    I was shocked at the cruelty involved in dairy farming
    I will definitely try the oat milk
    However I’d like to know more about organic milk and if this is relatively cruelty free to cows
    I’m already a vegetarian but may switch to a vegan lifestyle asap

  5. it’s almost as though, living in a neoliberal capitalist society, it’s *practically impossible* to consume anything in a cruelty-free, non-exploitative way…

  6. Amazing article. It’s important to stop the inhumane treatment of cows. Vegan milk all the way.