Turkish Green Beans


  1. Love this recipe! I made a few changes, though. Aside from leaving out the coconut sugar, I used vegetable broth instead of water. And, I used Tat hot pepper paste instead of tomato paste to give this simple dish a bit more spice. I added an extra dash of cayenne pepper and sliced red bell peppers as well!


  2. I became a fan of you guys since last week when I first noticed your website and start reading your article that was about “an argument for wearing the same cloth everyday” and dug more deep into your website. Than I found your recipe about our “taze fasulye”… My friends are pushing me to leave the office now and head to celebrate the new year eve… Therefore, I have to keep it short 🙂 Happy New Year!

  3. Merhaba! Stumbled across this & wanted to mention that fasulye just means beans! Taze fasulye is green beans in particular 🙂 Also in my family we typically add some whole allspice. Personally I enjoy a bit of fresh lemon when it is almost done cooking. Afiyet olsun ❤

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