A Beginners Guide To A Zero-Waste Kitchen

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  1. Great blog post! Thanks for shedding light on the importance of reducing waste, especially in our kitchens. Building relationships at the farmers market is a fun activity. This can also save money in the long run too.

  2. Thank you for this post! It hadn’t occurred to me to buy cleaning products in bulk just a couple of times/year. We have often run out of dish soap, etc., and had to run to the store last minute or at night when we’re tired because we buy only enough for the momentary need.

    I am working one small piece at a time toward minimalism, including a zero-waste kitchen. I would typically just jump into something new wholeheartedly, but making one small change at a time makes it likely that my whole family will stick with it.

    1. You’re welcome! Yes, we always have that backup for that exact reason on products that we use often enough for it to be a big hassle to run out of all of a sudden. Sound like you’ve got the right mindset around this type of change – especially when trying to get the whole family on board. Good on you!

  3. Hi Amy, I buy them from my local bulk store. They have a great range of eco-friendly, natural products. I take my containers in and fill them up. With the dish liquid, I always have a spare one in the cupboard. Where do you live? I can maybe give you more specifics depending on your location.