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  1. Thank you for this perfect reminder. These steps can quickly make us feel so much more fulfilled. I still can’t believe how little effort makes a big difference.

  2. Agree with everything, except that keeping your tech updated is how you will be able to use the technology safely and at a speed that suits a minimalist life-style, especially if you have digitised everything and plan on streaming those movies. Technology changes quickly and has inbuilt obsolescence but you certainly don’t need to upgrade every year just to have the latest I agree. I upgrade my phone every 5 years right when it starts to slow down and have issues.

  3. I tried really hard to read your article – seems like a good one, but the ads are too distracting. The irony that there are tons of ads trying to continually sell me more stuff on an article telling me how to simplify isn’t lost nor should it be. Your content is good, but it’s being drowned out by the other noise – pop up ads. I suggest getting rid of those and concentrate on your wonderful writing.

  4. Great post! As a Vietnam veteran I am grateful for each day but it never hurts to be reminded with great posts like yours. Keep up the good work.