Our Minimalist Vegan Pantry: Infographic

Our Minimalist Vegan Pantry: Infographic

Many people often wonder what vegans eat. They struggle with the concept of cutting out meat, dairy, eggs and honey from their diet as it’s in many products that you’d find in the supermarket. 

In fact, you’d probably end up cutting out quite a few processed foods as they tend to have milk fat, milk solids, eggs and other animal products in them. 

Don’t get me wrong, you can be a junk food vegan, but it certainly forces you to look at the ingredients of most things on the shelves unless it’s explicitly vegan.

As a beginner in this wonderful world of veganism, folks can get lost and would have no clue where to start with stocking up their pantry in the right way to maintain or transition to a healthy lifestyle. As you’ll see from this list, there are plenty of things that healthy vegans can eat!

So, here’s what you should be stocking up on to start your healthy vegan pantry. Please note that this just an example of what we keep in our pantry. It is by no means perfect, but it’s a good start.


Vegans should have this category as the major part of their kitchen staples. If we have less than five different vegetables in our kitchen at any given time, it means we’re running low. 

We stock up on vegetables weekly from the farmer’s markets and find that we spend the most money on vegetables in general compared to all other foods as its a weekly expense.  Make sure you’re buying and eating seasonally. This is important as it’s the best way to ensure that you are getting quality and preferably organic produce. 


Fruit should make up about 1/3 of your kitchen pantry compared to vegetables. We personally don’t use/ overeat fruit. More in summer than winter but it’s typically the fruits that have less fructose in them. 

On average we have around 3-4 different types of fruit in the kitchen. Main ones are lemons, bananas, berries (usually frozen) and apples. In summer we love berries, autumn persimmons, winter kiwis and winter/spring more citrus.

Here’s an infographic with the rest of our staples!

Our Minimalist Vegan Pantry: Infographic

You’ll be able to get most of these products between farmers markets, a food co-op and your supermarket. You can also see some shopping tips in this post. If you have any questions about any of the products, please leave a comment below, and I’ll try and answer it as best as possible.

Note: We live in Australia, so some of these products may vary from country to country. I’m sure there would be a similar product where you live.

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5 thoughts on “Our Minimalist Vegan Pantry: Infographic”

  1. Hi, I’m enjoying being more at peace with myself by endeavouring to go vegan.
    My struggle is butter and cream, I grew up on a dairy farm.
    Any hints on tasty butter substitute for bread??
    Love your work.

  2. I’m thinking about changing my diet to vegan at the moment since I’m already vegetarian for a few months. But I’m still struggling a bit to do the final step. I think I’ll just try to buy more things from your shopping list and leave the other stuff on the shelf. I think it should be easier then. Thank you very much for the great and beautiful list! 🙂

  3. Awesome post, and very helpful. I’m currently working on cleaning up my pantry and creating a simpler and healthier diet. To that end I’ve been buying out of the bulk section a lot more and trying out new things. I recently bought some adzuki beans but have only found one basic way to prepare them. Do you have any recommendations besides just a beans/rice combo?

    1. Hi Jennifer, good on you! Hope it all goes well 🙂 Adzuki beans can be used in many things. Salads, stews, burger patties, soups and I’ve even seen them being used in desserts! Pinterest is awesome for this kind of inspiration. Hope that helps x

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