How to do Healthy Vegan Food Shopping Like a Pro

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  1. I also have enough space at home to plant some herbs, spices and salad. Reaping them right before having a meal is delicious (: Plus, I reuse organic trash to mix a natural fertilizer.

  2. Thanks for these great tips Masha!

    I have been wanting to do tip 6: plan your meals for the week, but never seem to get to it. I was thinking of doing this on Sundays, but we do our main grocery shopping on Saturdays with “spontaneous” shopping during the week at the organic food store next door; kind of like at 5pm I am racking my brain about what I’ll make tonight, and then when I decide I have to jump to the store to buy whatever ingredient is missing. So, this actually takes up quite some energy and focus away from my work.

    What day do you typically plan your meals for the week? Do you then go shopping accordingly or do go shopping and then plan your meals around what you got? Thanks!

    1. Some great questions you’ve asked Andrea!

      I would do the meal planning for the week on the day that I do the food shopping. So for example, I do my food shopping (e.g. fruit and veg) at the markets on a Saturday morning and the rest of it straight after at the supermarket (as I do my bulk buys once a month), I write my shopping list throughout the week when I use things up. So it’s pretty much ready to go when I need it.

      I do a bit of both, sometimes if I have the time to sit down and plan the meals, I do so. In saying that, more often then not, I plan meals around what I have. I’m pretty good at whipping things up without needing to go down to the shops for that one missing piece of the puzzle. I learnt this from my mum 🙂 I have a thing for being able to create meals from very little ingredients. If you don’t, then I would stick to a meal plan and buy exactly what you need. If you have a family or less time on your hands, this helps to systemise things, save time and frustrations.

      Hope that helps and answers your questions! 🙂