Creamy Red Lentil Curry

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  1. This recipe looks great! I love red lentils and I’m glad this one popped up when I was searching for recipes. I know you say “1 onion” but I’m wondering if you have a more specific amount you recommend in terms of cups? Thank you!

  2. Looks like a nice recipe!
    I’m a little concerned though with the claim that red lentils have ‘high levels of vitamin-B, in particular…B-12’.
    I’ve never heard of red lentils as a source of B12 (from my understanding, few/no plants are considered a source of B12, which is why vegans must supplement for it). Can I ask where you got this info?
    Looking forward to trying this recipe out ?

  3. Genuinely one of the best curries I’ve had. Made it twice now and it’s come out perfectly both times! Such rich flavour and my leftovers last ages xx

  4. I just made this curry right now and I think it turned out nicely. ran out of red lentils and had to use yellow but I’m a fan of it with the yellow lentils too!

  5. I am going to make this tomorrow! I am going to use fresh garlic and ginger what quantity would you use. Also how much chili powder. For medium spice 1ts? Or 1tbls

    1. Hi Gary, for garlic I would do 2-3 cloves (depending on size) and about a tablespoon on freshly grated ginger. Chilli really comes down to personal preference and the type of chili powder it is. I would start off with 1/2 – 1 teaspoon and taste test before adding more. Hope you enjoy it!

    1. Hi Lynn, I wouldn’t recommend it as it won’t have the same creamy texture and help to balance out the thickness of the cashews when cooked. You can try swapping it out for unsweetened plant milk but I haven’t personally tried it so I don’t know what the end result would look and taste like. If you’re concerned about the flavour, you don’t taste the coconut in the final curry. Hope that helps!

  6. Hi,
    I made this last night and as a chef I will have to say I had problems with it. It came out mushy I am not sure if I used the wrong red lentils but I had to add 1/3 cup yellow lentils to bulk it up. What brand of red lentils do you use.
    I will make it again.
    All in all it was delicious.

    1. Sorry to hear it didn’t turn out for you! I buy my lentils from the bulk store so unfortunately, I don’t know what brand they are. Are you using whole or split red lentils? Glad to hear you still enjoyed it 🙂

  7. Hi, this recipe is incredible! Thank you for sharing it with us! I had it today for lunch and I am so so happy I have found you and this recipe 🙂 I have eaten it with some couscous and it was so tasty! Thanks 🙂

  8. I would love to try this but this (and many vegan recipes unfortunately) have coconut milk in them and I’m allergic. Do you have any recommendations for unsweetened plant milks (oat??) that I could substitute and still have the yummy creaminess? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Toni,
      I personally haven’t tried it but you can see if organic soy milk will do the trick? Increase the cashew quantity for a little bit more creaminess if using a plant milk. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out 🙂

  9. This looks delicious! How much coriander is in the recipe? It says 1/s tsp in the description but I wasn’t sure what that meant. Thank you!

  10. Absolutely delicious and easy to make! You will definitely have leftovers as well!

    I’m wondering if it would also be good with cilantro or other greens?