38 Vegan Business Ideas To Help Change The Demand of Ethical Products

38 Vegan Business Ideas To Help Change The Demand of Ethical Products

I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m sick and tired of the lack of availability of vegan products in the current marketplace. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t find it difficult being a vegan. But it would be nice to have more options at my fingertips when shopping.

In almost two years of living a vegan lifestyle, I’ve longed for more ethical businesses. In my day job, I work in a mall, so naturally, I’m exposed to retail and consumer buying behaviour on a daily basis.

Surely I’m not the only one wishing that there was an amazing cruelty-free gelato bar to rival all of the dairy-based ones? Or fashion retailers that only stock timeless garments that are ethically sourced and made?

I always imagine a world where ethical businesses are more readily accessible to the general public. I wonder then what people would opt to buy if they had a choice? McDonald’s drive-through vs Vegan Burger drive-through? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Growth in the demand for veganism and cruelty-free products

While these are my opinions through my personal experiences, statistics are showing that veganism is on the rise. Below shows the growth of search engine traffic for veganism and vegetarianism between 2009 and 2013. No doubt it has continued to climb steadily as veganism is becoming somewhat mainstream.


Image source: Wikipedia

These are promising numbers on the demand side of economics. However, this post is about how we can all tap into our inner entrepreneurial talents and help the supply side of this equation.

I’m seeing more and more business owners who aren’t vegan themselves, add vegan options to their product mix as they see a clear market opportunity.

A new Pizzeria recently opened in our local area. They make good quality pizza’s with ‘naturally’ sourced ingredients—ahem, mainly from animals. However, they do have two vegan pizza options on their menu including vegan cheese (which is a big deal!).

The manager told us that their vegan pizzas are by far their best sellers, so they’re going to look to expand. They’ve had so much success because they literally have no competition. So all of the vegans in town are flocking to this one Pizzeria.

This goes to show that conventional entrepreneurs are starting to see the opportunity in the growing vegan consumer market. I would personally love to see social entrepreneurs join the party, whether they’re creating goods that are vegan, fair-trade, organic or eco-friendly.

We need more options. We need to help shift the demand by increasing the supply.

Note: if you’re interested, we recorded a podcast episode breaking down vegan business ideas.

Vegan business ideas kept coming to me

I’ve had countless business ideas since becoming vegan, but between running our online store, this blog and working full-time there’s only so much I can take on.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 38 vegan business ideas that could help any marketplace. I want to share these ideas with you because I hope that you’ll help them come alive.

These are not by any means new revolutionary ideas, but they do seem to be missing in many marketplaces. Keep in mind we live in Australia in the capital city, so maybe where you live there is much more (or less) to choose from.

If you don’t fancy yourself as an entrepreneur, maybe you know someone who would like to try to start a socially conscious business?

In any case, I encourage you to reflect on all of the occasions when you’ve struggled to find a specific product that is vegan-friendly and think about how you can help solve that problem yourself.

I’ve broken the list down by category to help filter through content.

Let’s get into it.

Artisan Handmade Gluten Free & Vegan

Vegan food & beverages

  1. Gelato Bar with delicious dairy-free ice cream.
  2. Vegan Pie Shop.
  3. Nut Cheese Deli.
  4. The vegan version of Krispy Kremes.
  5. Fast service Pizzeria with home delivery options.
  6. A vegan cafe that specialises in avocado toasties and world-class organic coffees with almond milk.
  7. Vegan-friendly bar or nightclub.
  8. Start a food truck specialising in mouth-watering vegan burgers.
  9. Premium organic vegan restaurant with innovative recipes.
  10. Become a vegan alcoholic beverage retailer.

Vegan services

  1. A freelance illustrator who services vegan-friendly small businesses.
  2. Company accountant or bookkeeper for online vegan entrepreneurs.
  3. Photographer servicing compassionate businesses.
  4. Specialise in project managing organic and vegan shop fit-outs.
  5. Become a social media manager for vegan businesses.
  6. Offer copywriting services to help build the profile of vegan entrepreneurs.
  7. Study to become a health professional that serves the vegan community using natural cruelty-free practices.

vegan business ideas - vegan illustrator

Vegan fashion

  1. Online vegan sneaker retailer.
  2. Bamboo clothing line specialising in everyday garments.
  3. Organic, fair trade and vegan line of jeans.
  4. Tailored vegan suits for men.
  5. Start a funky vegan sock company.

It’s also important for the supply chain to ensure it’s all fair trade.

Vegan education & media

  1. Animated YouTube channel producing 2– 3-minute videos teaching people the truth about consumerism (someone, please do this!).
  2. An all-vegan childcare centre with a community veggie garden.
  3. Vegan wedding blog producing fantastic content and advertising ethical wedding brands and services.
  4. A series of online courses teaching people how to cook different vegan cuisines at home.
  5. Partner with your local education institutions and develop a vegan chef school certification.
  6. Produce a documentary-style podcast that captures the stories of animal cruelty, fair trade, and environmental issues.

vegan business ideas -cooking classes

Vegan technology

  1. Develop a dating app that accurately connects vegan soulmates.
  2. Create a concierge service in the form of a mobile app that connects all of the local ethical tradespeople with vegan customers.
  3. Design a line of solar-powered smartphone accessories.
  4. Invent sustainable materials to be used in various industries.

Vegan cosmetics & beauty

  1. Create a makeup line that is vegan, fair trade, organic and eco-friendly (let us know when you do).
  2. Build a vegan-friendly and chemical-free nail polish company.

Vegan events

  1. Start a popular vegan meet up in your area and get local vegan businesses to sponsor you.
  2. Host vegan cooking workshops.

Vegan investing

  1. Start an investment fund specifically for ethical businesses.
  2. Become an angel investor for vegan businesses.

What are your vegan business ideas?

I would love for you to share any experiences you have had with trying to find vegan businesses in your area. Also, share some success stories so others can learn from them.

38 Vegan Business Ideas To Help Change The Demand of Ethical Products

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98 thoughts on “38 Vegan Business Ideas To Help Change The Demand of Ethical Products”

  1. Federico Crespo

    Hi there! I’m looking to start a protein vegan powder, bcaa and everything what comes to work out in a vegan routine. I’m from Argentina, here is tough because it’s a strong meat culture, but we’re growing! Any ideas or blogs about how to start? I basically know the ingredients but I’d like to read a more about, can’t seem to find much information. Thank you so much!!

  2. I feel like I am a bit late to the game here as your article is 4 years old by now but some of your ideas have (surprisingly) still not properly been implemented (at least here in the Netherlands there is still a lot of potential) We are a Dutch startup that is developing an algorithm that allows users to find ingredient substitutes in recipes. The idea is that any recipe can be turned vegetarian, vegan or allergen-free with the click of a button. The substitutes are found based on vitamins, minerals, nutrients, structure and flavor of the searched ingredient. As we have built an API, we are looking to integrated with online recipe providers and recipe apps so that soon, hopefully, any recipe can be turned vegan! We are still in development but try it out on bon-api.com and let me know what you think 🙂

  3. Hi Michael, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping to raise awareness around the grass roots support for a plant based lifestyle. I’m part of a team here in Australia actively promoting the vegan alternative as a way to lessen our impact on the environment. Day after day I see so many more committed and authentic individuals ready to help. It’s truly amazing. Vegan is the future, no doubt.

  4. Alison Baubant

    Hello, I Am Alison, Cook and pastry chef. Actually doing a course in “entreprise creation”,creation d’entreprise, I Am french, Where in my country it,s rare to find a vegan cafe where family and friends can to eat, Your suggestions will be certainly accepted, Thank you.

  5. Brittany Ellis

    these are absolutely brilliant ideas! I’m looking at these because I do have some great ideas, I would love to open a vegan restaurant, and I love the idea of the vegan friendly socks with funny pictures. You Will see me successfully doing at least one of these ideas.?

      1. Sophia mohamed Kajembe

        hi, i love tyhe idea im hire in Hollnd in my village there are northin Vergan around , I want to open small shop with all the vegan food product, and im good in cooking, my be i will do even take away food.

  6. Thanks for sharing this page and information. I am following vegan lifestyle and on plant-based diet for last 5 years and a little more. The exciting part is I am planning to start a business that deals with non-dairy alternatives in my local area. Statistics says that in my state, non-vegetarians make 98.6% of the population. I have 2-3 people known to me who follow veganism. Though in my country, preference over veganism is on rise (not so prevalent at my part of the world though). So, it’s a big challenge to open a business to promote vegan food as people here mostly live on meats. But I have decided to take up the challenge and start following my dream. I am starting with non-dairy milk (I named it as meelk), cheese, tofu, okara burger pattie, yogurt and desserts. Let’s see how it goes. If it gets businesses, I have a plan to extend it by offering corporate vegan lunch in my area. So, please wish me luck. Thank you so much.

  7. This has been my dream. How I wish it will be a reality. Based in Zambia, I’m struggling to start one. Please I need advisors and helpers.

    1. Hi Florence,
      Did you start your Vegan journey in Zambia? Are you in Lusaka?
      My good friend Christos lives there & he’d love to know more if you have something there

  8. I have been looking for a job as a social media manager for a vegan business, and it’s extremely difficult to find. With nearly four years of marketing, social media and graphic design, I have a lot to offer (not to mention my passion for the vegan lifestyle!). I’m based in cheese-and-brat country Green Bay, Wisconsin, so vegan businesses are pretty rare here. Any ideas for where to find opportunities?

  9. Love this page by the way ! I’m looking to offer Vegan meal prep in my area and I’m not sure how to go about doing it . I see “healthy” meal preps everywhere but none that are vegan or even vegetarian! I get a lot of positive feedback from people following my journey but I think I’m on to something if I could offer this service to others ! Any suggestions?!

    1. Hi Liz, love the idea!

      I think with most business ventures, it’s important to start as small as possible to 1) validate the idea and 2) remove barriers to starting.

      With that, I would be thinking, what is the smallest menu you could create for the smallest audience in your area? Setup a simple a simple one-page website explaining your menu, what area you service, and how customers can pay. You can set this up on https://www.shopify.com and challenge yourself to get paying customers before the end of the free Shopify trial.

      Once you have your menu and website, you could run some targeted Facebook ads to vegans in your area.

      Don’t get too attached to your idea. Treat it like a science experiment and stay close to the needs of your customers. Ask potential customers in advance what they would like to see on your menu.

      Hope this helps to get you thinking about where you could look next!

  10. I’ve been a vegan for around 36 years and a celebrant for 21, it finally dawned upon me to promote myself as a vegan celebrant. TaDaaahhhh!!! VeganCelebrant.com.au

  11. Hi i wanted to start a vegan / gf cookie ..slice..muffin sort of business in melbourne. Do i need to have any sort of qualifications or can i make these in my kitchen and sell at markets ?

    1. Hi Brelly, from my understanding you don’t need any qualifications to bake and sell food at the markets. However I suggest you reach out to the stall organisers to find out what the requirements are. Not sure if you need a licence, insurance etc. Keep us posted on your progress!

  12. Hi there!
    Love this article! I’m thinking of starting a vegan baking mix company and possibly future baked goods. What are your thoughts on this? Of if you’re simply a reader, I’d love to know your thoughts too 🙂 Warmly,

    1. Hi Bella, great idea!

      At least where we live, there are quite a few vegan baking mixes on the market. What would be interesting to see is a baking mix with certified organic ingredients and possibly gluten-free, all without compromising taste. Tough ask, but something we’d be interested in if it existed.

  13. Hello, I am a vegan based in Boston. I would love to start a vegan influencer agency focusing on vegan fashion. Is anyone interested in this? Also interested in investing in an innovator focusing on alternative milk and/or cheese. The vegan milk options are just not there yet. Earth’s Balance is a perfect substitute for butter…but we need more innovation with milk and cheese!

  14. What about vegan milk? I know it’s available, but not like the cow milk, especially in our market in Bahrain and general in GCC. The basic things like milk, cheese, ect… Are little to compare with another.

    1. Hi Reem,

      While there are many vegan milks on the market, there’s obviously a demand for it. I would maybe create a formula and do a soft launch at a market stall to see how customers respond. Maybe you could get into flavoured organic milks?

  15. Hi, Great ideas and as an angel investor for vegan businesses I am always keen to partner with exciting entrepreneurs interested in developing vegan, fair trade, organic and eco friendly businesses

  16. Hi! I stumbled across your blog and found them all very helpful! I am starting an online business in the Eastern US selling vegan cake. I am stumbling over how to market the website and get it out there so people know about it. It has been a very slow process but I feel that if I can get my name out there that it will take off. I was hoping there would be somebody reading this that could give me some pointers! “Help in DC”

    1. Hi Jenn, apologies for the late reply.
      What’s your business model? Is it catering, or stocking your cakes in Cafe’s or selling direct to customers?

      In any case, we have a friend who has a thriving raw desserts business here in Australia which could be modelled in DC. She has primarily used Instagram to grow her fan base and now you can find her cakes across the city. Here’s a link to her website http://www.rainbownourishments.com/

      She’s worked extremely hard to build a reputation for herself. She’s always attending local markets, catering at weddings and running events. But she’s been consistent with her outreach and has developed a unique colourful style with her cakes. Hope that gives you something to think about!

  17. Earthlingvanessa

    Greetings from Oregon! So glad I across your post! You have fabulous ideas & I can wait yo get started! Much love from Oregon!

  18. ….or open a vegan Bed & Breakfast with a Vegan Catering company on the side, offering Vegan Ready Meals and onsite/offsite catering – works for us 😉

  19. Whytney Parker

    These are all fabulous ideas. I have been thinking about doing *something* in the vegan cuisine world, perhaps supplying a few local cafes with vegan baking as a start. It’s my passion and what I would love to be doing for a living. Everyone has to start somewhere right? With the vegan/ethical/sustainable/cruelty free movement becoming more and more mainstream, the time to act is now!

    1. Absolutely Whytney! We just came back from the West Coast in America and it really opened our eyes to how easy it is to be vegan with more businesses available. Let us know how you get on with your ideas.

  20. Wowsers! Theres atleast 5 ideas on your list that i am completely capable of investigating.. what a great gift to the vegan community. Thankyou so much for this post!

  21. I was considering starting my own t shirt/hoodie clothing company made from organic fair trade materials, specializing in minimalistic vegan designs. Do you think online is already saturated with enough vegan clothing though?
    I was also thinking of number 23 too, im an artist so i could totally do it, whta do you think?

    1. Hi Nora. I think there’s always room for high quality products as long as they’re positioned well. Having said that, there’s been a lot of growth in the areas that you’re interested in. Maybe there’s an opportunity to create a one-stop shop for all of the brands that are making minimalist vegan clothing? That way you can be the curator instead of the maker – bringing all the brands together for a better customer experience. Just a thought. Let us know how you get on.

  22. Success story? Yes!
    A year ago we opened our vegan sushi place in the south of Peru. The business was profitable after only three month in operation. We are constantly getting requests to open in other cities around the word, including Australia.

    1. I am in Olympia Wa, Do you have a website? Do have some recipes that you can share that I can make at home. I have a few avocado rolls, add some mango veggies, use cauliflower as rice. Love to more ideas
      Thanks and keep up the good work and message

    2. Susan Andree

      Hi, I am Susan, I am Peruvian living in Taiwan. I am vegetarian for almost 7 years now, really need to take the next step to vegan and will love to open a small place here. Hope we can find a business partnership, please let me know if your interested,
      my e-mail: susaneda@hotmail.com

  23. Oh, and I currently work in a retail shop that sells leather handbags and bumper stickers that say I heart bacon….I hate it!

    1. Lynn that must be so frustrating! You have to do what you have to do though. What area are you based in? Love the idea of a vegan grocery store. The closest I’ve seen to that is Food Fight! Grocery in Portland

  24. I have actually been thinking of vegan business ideas myself. After accidentally buying some chocolate chips that had milk in them because they were packaged similarly to ones that didn’t I felt so frustrated and thought, if only there was a grocery store that sold only vegan products I wouldn’t have to worry so much about reading every label so meticulously. I would really like to be part of a vegan catering service…but I am definiteley not a business person. I like to prep food and set up tables and that sort of thing. I have ideas, just not the know-how or the time either right now. Can’t stop working or I’ll lose my house. Can’t start a new business while working…and so it goes.

    1. I’ve thought about this as well. An 100% Vegan grocer with a lot of bulk items that strives to be waste free and sells lots of eco products i.e. bamboo untensils, toothbrushes, reusable straws, etc. The startup and overhead costs are much higher than something online or home based though.

  25. Hi all I just stumbled upon this blog I really like the ideas. I have been a vegan for 6 years going on 7 and would love to a start a vegan business. I live in Chicago and don’t really have many vegan friends. I would love to chat with anyone that’s interested in starting a business. Please contact me at valeriap33@gmail.com ????
    thanks minimalist vegan for giving so many cool ideas!!

    1. You’re welcome Val. Hope someone reads this post in your area and reaches out. Also, it might be worth reaching out to people in Vegan Facebook groups in Chicago to see if they want to start something?

  26. I have been toying with the idea of opening a small vegan eatery for over a year now. My husband is the landlord of a luncheonette that is unfortunately going to go out of business. My friend and I love to cook vegan meals. I have 2 gluten free vegans that live with me (my daughters), so I am used to cooking this way. I enjoy it. Both my friend and I work full time so we were thinking of doing something like a take out only place, cook meals on the weekends, freeze them and let customers have them for later on in the week. There are no vegan places around us, let alone gluten free.

  27. Hi Michael,
    I’m an Australian who is currently abroad and visiting some great vegan eateries. I am working on a business plan for a vegan startup and toying with a few different concepts. I want to specialise in one main dish with a few complement dishes, rather than have 30 things on the menu. Something like the vegan fried chicken shop that recently opened in London. Still working on what the ‘one main dish’ would be. I have a few favourite recipes!

    1. Hi Amanda, sounds like a great idea! I know whenever we travel, we feel inspired as well. Lot’s to bring back home to Australia. Keep us posted on the progress of your ‘one main dish’ 🙂

  28. So I make these vegan patties and I would love to turn it into some type of business. I’m sure I’ll need a bus noes license and get the health department to ok all the ingredients and baking area but then what?

  29. Hi. Thanks for sharing 😉
    I’m travelling the world and I’m learning a lot about nutrition and fasting, healthy food and sustainable organic garden to kitchen to table philosophies at the moment. It amazes me to learn how nutrition can affect your body, mind, soul and the whole planet and that is why I my wish of starting a business in that field is growing more and more. I gathered tons of beautiful inspirations of vegan and healthy foods in many countries all around the world. I’d love to find some communities and people to share knowledge and ideas on how to start. Marie

    1. Hi Marie,
      It would be great to connect with you. I am currently traveling and working on a business plan for a vegan startup. Getting a lot of inspiration. My next step is open and I am deciding where to go next. I’d love to hear from you on your suggestions – my email is amanda.nathaniel@gmail.com

      1. Hi marie,
        Just saw your comment, I’ve been vegan for over a year now and what i find difficult is getting a bite while hanging out with friends. With that being said I would love to hear some of your ideas as i have decided that the only way to solve this problem that many others and myself face is to face it head on. If you see this and still willing share can you email some of the ideas you have at aliyjking@gmail.com . Thanks you in advance 🙂

  30. Hi, my friend recently introduced me to a range of Vegan certified products. Have you heard and have reviewed Arbonne products? There are many mixed reviews out there and would value your opinions on the products itself. 🙂

  31. Dawn Gray-Thom

    Hi I started becoming a vegan in January 2016 doing the Veganuary Challenge. I found OK to do and interesting especially eating a whole new different healthy kind of way. I am originally from Shetland Isles now staying in Scotland, in both places it’s hard eating out as they aren’t much on the vegan side of things. But so so much nice vegan products you can buy, I so want to be able to have a small business selling fantastic vegan products. Especially now for over 1 year I get The Vegan Kind box delivered to me at the beginning of each month with great products to enjoy. Their again what and how would you begin.

  32. Hi Masa and Michael, I’m in the Southern Highlands NSW (near you!) and am a pastry chef by trade as well as vegan. I’m embarking on making anything sweet (including ice cream) and vegan and selling wholesale to cafes and at markets but with the endgame goal of having my own place one day – full of comfort food and drinks. There’s nothing at all in the area that can properly accommodate vegans so I’m really excited! Thanks for your words, just reading positive comments help me keep motivated!

    1. Hi Anna – thank you for your kind words! You have a wonderful skill set and I’m sure the people in the Southern Highlands will appreciate your yummy treats. Check back in with us to let us know how it’s coming along 🙂

  33. Karen Moaran

    I would like to make them all come alive but i have to take one step at a time. I want to start with food and beverages, I have the capital but would like to join with somebody who might have some knowdelge in the kitchen. I live in Mexico where veganism still not so popular but planning to take the market by surprise. If there is someone in Mexico wanting to join the adventure please contact me.

      1. I live in England and I’m starting my own restaurant I have bought the premases I would love someone a partner with the same ideas as me

    1. Hi Karen my name is Val I live in the us and in Mexico too. I have some ideas. We should talk ????

  34. I want to open my own vegan cafe or food truck, and also be able to sell at farmers markets, festivals, etc. My creations have been tested by vegans and non-vegans and seem to be a hit (at least with my friends 🙂 ). I need capital, insurance, a financial pro, and an establishment! I am itching to get started right away, but work full time, so it’s a bit of a hardship. I want to do a combo of 1, 7, 9 and 26 🙂

    1. That sounds awesome Marni! We know what it’s like to start a business when working full time but it’s small payoff in the big scheme of things. Hope you find a way to get it rolling. Maybe finding a partner would help?

  35. Fantastic article! I am a vegan living in Egypt and let’s just say, it’s not always easy being pretty much the only one who doesn’t eat meat/dairy! Both my boyfriend (also vegan) and I have been thinking of starting something and hopefully, we will be able to come up with something that will drive the people to a more cruelty-free lifestyle. The market is there it’s just a matter of finding the right time – and way – to tap it. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks Maria! Wow that would be so cool if you guys could start something in Egypt! I’m sure the market there would really appreciate it and it might open up some opportunities for other vegan entrepreneurs. You can do it!

  36. I’m actually thinking about starting up something along the lines of 19 and 22…
    I’d like it to be organic as well, but that’s going to be hard. Besides that, I don’t have any connections that could help me out in that direction, so that’s even worse. 🙁

    1. Hi Robert, love your ambition! There’s always a way. There are some fashion retailers pushing bamboo garments however most of them aren’t organic. There’s definitely an opportunity – particularly with mens clothing as most of what’s in the market is catered towards women. I suggest reverse engineering what other retailers have done in this space. See if you can find their founder stories on the internet. You’ll likely get some nuggets of information and figure out your next steps. Also, don’t be afraid to partner with other entrepreneurs. You might give up some equity but more heads are better than one. You can do it!

    2. Hi Robert, how has your progress been with 19 and 22. I’m thinking of starting something like this too but combining 18-22 and also skin and make up products. Would be good to provide one resource which covers all fashion and beauty options for both men and women. I’m based in Sydney so if you want to share ideas or team up let me know.

  37. Next time you are in Sydney, make a visit to King Street in Newtown – there is a gelato shop that has just become entirely vegan (gelato blue), a pizzeria that is entirely vegan (Gigi’s) and a pie shop that sells amazing vegan mushroom pies 🙂

    1. Hey Emma, funny you say that. We’re actually in Sydney this weekend and we’ve heard nothing but great things about Gigi’s. We’ll see if we can drop in and check out your suggestions. Thanks! 🙂

  38. These are all great ideas! It definitely gives us something to think about. Thanks for sharing!

  39. YES! I think so many of us compassionate-living warriors feel fed up from time to time. And you’ve taken the next step and thought of how we can address the lack of vegan, eco-friendly and ethical products and services, and through that raise more awareness in society and hopefully lead to a mass movement towards living more sustainably. Good on you for sharing your great ideas! I certainly hope I can figure out a way bring one of your ideas to reality.

    1. Thank you for your support Isabella! You hit the nail on the head with the big picture of this entrepreneurial incentive. It’s about giving people the tools and options to live more sustainably. And all it takes is an idea and a little bit of courage to make it happen.

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