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  1. Hi! Thanks for this beautiful recipe. I’m gonna use this mousse as a cake filling, hopefully it’ll work. I want to ask you if I can use medium firm tofu since I can not find a good silken tofu (there is one option available but I dont like the taste). Shall I reduce the coconut oil in this case? Thanks! Love your recipes by the way…

    1. Hi Clara, I haven’t tried it with medium-firm tofu, so I’m not sure how it would turn out, but I don’t think the texture would work. It’s too firm and dense for it to remain a mousse consistency. You won’t taste the tofu in the cake, so I would first try the silken tofu you can get to make sure it turns out right. I hope that helps. Thank you also for the kind words 🙂

      1. Maša, the mousse is perfect! You are right. Although the tofu itself doesnt taste nice, apparently the chocolate does its work and hides the taste of tofu. And I am soooo happy it turned out so well! I am quite a demanding gourmet person and this mousse is a keeper! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Non-vegans will never know if you don’t tell them!
    I’m not a vegan, but this cake is hands down delicious! My friend made it for a party and I had to stop myself from eating a 3rd piece. Sooooo good!