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  1. Thank u for this awesome article! In reality I am happy to realise at last that the fewer things we have, the freer we are. And I keep making steps to larger freedom.

  2. I am in a less materialistic time in my life. I moved alone to another continent four months ago and traveled with some belongings and had about 700 kilograms of other possessions, including my furniture, arrive about ten weeks later. Although I have my vehicle, I often just use it once or twice weekly, preferring to get exercise in by walking to catch a bus to work. Almost all my purchases now are consumables, food and things for hygiene and housekeeping. What I receive back is time. I do not shop on weekends, two full days of vacation every single week. Items I no longer wish to keep are donated or recycled. I feel free of the influence that owning more equate to more happiness. Yes, there are a few items I’d like to have, but they’re not needs. Simply a few things to have in mind when someone insists on treating me to a gift.

    1. Your move sounds exciting! And also an opportunity to reflect on what’s important and what isn’t. Thanks for sharing your experiences with materialism.