Vegan Hot Chocolate

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  1. So, I worked at L.A.Burdick’s Hot Chocolates (they’re very well-known for their thick, rich hot chocolate beverages!) and I gotta say….this drink taste definitely comes close to our infamous signature hot chocolate! And it’s VEGAN??? Whew. I LOVE it. I’m bookmarking this! Definitely a hug in a mug. Thank you for this recipe 🙂

  2. Hi! That Italian hot chocolate looks amazing! And despite the heatwave here in Northeastern U.S., I’ve been craving hot cocoa! Must be the air-conditioning. Unfortunately,I can’t have corn right now, are there any good substitutes you can recommend? My current options are arrowroot, tigernut, cassava, tapioca, and coconut flour. Thanks! Suz

    1. Hi Suz, I haven’t tried any other, unfortunately, however, out of all those, I’d probably try using the arrowroot or tapioca. You can also try plain flour if you can have wheat or some more of the coconut cream. It won’t be the same thickness with the cream but still better than without it. Report back and let me know how you went 🙂

    2. Hi, I only had arrowroot so gave it a go, might need more then amount given for the cornflour as it didn’t turn out to be as thick as on the photos but creamy ( I did add the coconut cream). Tasted delicious! Thank u for amazing recipe!