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  1. My mom brought krempite home the other day which prompted me to search for a vegan version… though the recipe was no speedy process, it was certainly worth it! and as someone who has also tried the “original” krempite, the only area of real difference is the ever so slight coconut flavour, which really doesn’t get in the way of the experience. in the end my custard somehow came out tinted a little green, so they weren’t all that photo-worthy, but they sure were delicious! thank you for the wonderful recipe!:)

  2. thank you for the lovely recipe! I’ve made all the components- but even after leaving it to cool, it appears my custard is too runny/ won’t solidify! I think I may have taken it off the heat too early as I was scared it would burn. Is it too late to fix it?

    1. Sounds like that’s where you went wrong. Sorry, but once you’ve already assembled it, there’s not much you can do. If it’s still on its own, you can add it back to the pot and heat it up again to thicken. Let me know how you go!