minimalist person plain black t shirt

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  1. peter davies says:

    spot on i am as you say, nothing in the material world or spiritual world attracts me, and i love the freedom of it.

  2. Absolutely Agree with this!!!

  3. All of this is me I never want anything for Xmas or birthday I just don’t like stuff I like white empty house with no clutter, to much clutter makes me ill, I’ve always thought I’m a bit strange but it seems there are lots of us about

    1. Absolutely Agree with this!!!

  4. This is a great read and was an enlightening experience for me. Recently I’ve been told by some close to me that I need to “want more.” I tried to explain that what I want can’t necessarily be found in buying things I think I don’t need. I struggled to define to myself what this was if I truly was limiting myself because of a deep rooted fear or if I just wasn’t interested in “things.” This article assisted in helping me define that. I resonated with numbers 1-6 and number 12 the most. Thanks for writing this.

  5. Thanks for this article. Fairly new to minimalism and already trying to define this as a new chapter in my life. I share many of the traits you outline but particularly the need for white space both physically and mentally. It’s definitely a challenge as I have a wife and 2 children so life is pretty hectic in one form or another! My wife is slowly moving in the same direction – so hopefully we will both enter into it all fully and connected.
    Quick question that I’d hoped you could help with… do you have any examples or advice around scenarios when one person wants to embrace minimalism but their partner doesn’t want to go in the same direction?
    Thanks again for the article – looking forward to checking out the rest of your website.

  6. Its such a pity that more people, especially Christians, don’t commit themselves to living simply, in order to follow Christ more closely and also so that others may simply live. The idea that development and progress are about having more and bigger possessions should be rejected as dangerous and destructive.

  7. Brijesh Dharmajan says:

    You defined a minimalist person the best possible way.. This gives great joy to me that I possess these qualities..