japanese minimalism

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  1. I feel giving more priority to essential things rather than all things is more important and getting stuck with materialistic things will make more confusion to our choices which can resist to be a successful person.
    So, I like the author mentioned idea but transforming ourself to live minimalist life will not be easily possible yet can be try.

  2. I love some of Marie Kondo’s ideas but don’t have the energy to declutter like she suggests. Also I love how she folds things.

    In Goodbye Things it is too much for me. But I want to go back and reread it now

    Thank you for your article

  3. Olenma Alvarez says:

    Would love to go to some sort of workshop to learn more about de clutter ring and minimalists living. Something that’s not expensive and close to where I live in North Carolina.

    1. Have you ever read The Minimalists? They have some great books, articles and videos

  4. I enjoyed your article. I’m from Japan. I didn’t like Japanese aesthetic growing up. I thought they were boring. No colorful gaudy ornaments and all wood and paper!! Now I’ve been living in US for about 30 years and looking at the minimalist movement, I am learning to appreciate the culture I grew up in.
    One thing I think it’s true is that with space, our thoughts can wander and travel far.
    I appreciate that I can look at the Japanese culture from outside and re-learn it’s meaning and it’s beauty.
    Thank you for your article and I really hope you can visit Japan soon.

    1. Hi Juri, it means a lot that you’ve enjoyed this piece, considering you’re from Japan. It’s also interesting to see how your perspective has changed over time, especially since living in the US. How things come around! Thanks for sharing.

    2. Olenma Alvarez says:

      That is wonderful that you can reflect and appreciate your heritage once again for its beauty.

      1. Sharon Draper says:

        Thank you for your encouraging article and simple explanations of various concepts. I feel overwhelmed with American culture of too much of everything. Your article is refreshing and gives me courage to continue to try and simplify.

  5. I am old and have been clearing my house and giving things to charity that are still very nice and useful. Perhaps someone will find happiness with things I no longer feel that I need. It’s been difficult at times, but I am very much enjoying the emptiness and joy of having time to think and be grateful for what I have. Thank you for this article.

  6. Thank you for this article, it was a refreshing read. Hopefully you both get to visit Japan, especially Kyoto, as the region embodies so much of what was written here. Kyoto was my favorite area when I visited Japan for 2 weeks, despite enjoying Tokyo as well. Kyoto is serene, has a lot of hidden gems, and buildings are not as high as they are in Tokyo. I only got to spend 3 days in Kyoto, but when it is safe to travel again I will definitely give myself more time to enjoy that region.

    1. Hi Anna, I’m glad that the messaging in this post aligns with your experience in Japan. Okay, the Kyoto region is now on top of the list. Thanks for sharing!