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Creamy Pumpkin and Capsicum Penne

Creamy Pumpkin and Capsicum Penne

It actually feels like forever since I shared a recipe! Since we’ve dropped to one post a week, it’s made it less stressful with the launch of our store to make sure we keep up the content. This way we can also focus on producing better quality content and actually enjoy it as well! I’ve been itching to share this one with you as I’ve fallen in love with the flavours and the simplicity of it. It’s the super healthy take on the old (junk food) classic macaroni and cheese. I never ate this growing up but when I was creating this dish, that’s the first comparison that came to mind!

It’s full of rich, wintery and creamy flavours that work really well together. There’s not much in it which is very minimalist of me!

I’ve been buying these shishito capsicums (peppers) at the markets every week and love adding them to different dishes like stir frys and bakes. I know that they will be pretty tricky to find for some people, so I’d just swap them for chillies (medium heat) instead. Depending on how hot you like your meal, I’d adjust how many chillies you use. With the shishito ones, we were told that every 1 in 10 would be like a chilli, but honestly it feels like every 1 in 20. / Read More »


With the launch of our new online store Fairlings, we thought it would be a good time to discuss an important topic, consumerism.

If you’ve been a reader of our work for a while you know how much we care about paring down to the essentials and eliminating the rest.

Combine this philosophy with compassion for people, animals and the environment, and you have yourself a minimalist vegan.

The core of our message is the intersection of minimalism and veganism, which naturally falls under the umbrella of another buzz word, mindfulness.

Aspiring to live mindfully is a great ideal, but also has its share of challenges.

Challenges stem from the internal battle of consumerism.

Consumerism is what drives commerce. Our thirst for more is what advertisers try to exploit for profit. It’s largely why we have become so disconnected from where our products come from, to the point that our decisions are literally destroying lives and the planet. / Read More »

A Minimalist Vegan Wedding

A Minimalist Vegan Wedding

As some of you know, Michael and I got married a couple of months ago on the 12th of March. We got engaged in Paris only 5 1/2 months earlier and started planning the wedding while we were travelling through Europe. I wanted to share with you some of the details of how we put together our minimalist vegan wedding. I’ll also share some useful tips for when you’re planning your own. I’ll break it down into each part of the process and share some beautiful photos along the way that were taken by a super talented lady Lauren Campbell.

When reflecting back on what we could’ve done differently, we probably would’ve allowed an extra month to prepare everything as we feel like it got a little crazy towards the wedding day. We also would’ve outsourced the catering to someone else instead of relying on my sister as the poor thing was stressed out wanting to make sure she made enough food for everyone. In saying that, she did an amazing job but wished she enjoyed the wedding a little more. One other major thing would’ve been to have the wedding closer to Canberra where we live. The guests had to drive at least an hour to the venue and were conscious of having to drive back home after the wedding finished. There might be a few other things along the way but they were the three main ones. / Read More »


Each month we post conversations we have with cool people who live mindfully whether it’s living with less or being healthy without doing harm to others. This is not an interview series but more a down-to-earth catchup over a casual cup of tea.

In this chat we caught up with couple Emma and Christian, founders of Barefoot Vegan Magazine and Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary. These guys are super passionate and have massive hearts.

Emma is originally from New Zealand but later moved to Europe where she eventually met Christian (French heritage) and started building their amazing lives together with their dog, Hatchi.

In this conversation they share their insights on making a relationship work despite a rocky start, self-discovery, living compassionately, entrepreneurship and simplicity. / Read More »

Minimalist Living for Millennials

Minimalist living for millennials

Just the other day we received an email from Nick Cesare expressing his interest in writing an article for The Minimalist Vegan. Nick is a 20-something who discovered the power of minimalism when moving around in college. He had been reading a whole bunch of articles on the topic of simplicity and decided to test some of the strategies he was learning about to declutter both physically and mentally.

Below Nick shares his story as well as some actionable tips to help you get started on a journey towards living a simpler life, from a millennial’s perspective (although applicable to any generation). / Read More »