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Vegan Black-Eyed Bean Stew

Vegan Black-Eyed Bean Stew

Vegan black-eyed bean stew has been a staple in our household. Being another popular African meal, my mum used to make it for our family on a regular basis.

Just when I thought I was spoilt in Australia, I went back to Ghana in 2005 and this recipe was taken to another level!

In Ghana they call black-eyed bean stew red-red. It gets the red colour from the red palm oil they use which is easily accessible.

It’s common street food that is typically made with meat, fish and ripe fried plantains. It’s a delicious meal and certainly one that triggers fond memories of my childhood. / Read More »

A Minimalists Approach To Creating a Zero Waste Home

We recently watched a documentary that inspired us to create a zero waste home. We’ve always been mindful of the destruction of plastic but this film has pushed us to make significant changes to our lifestyle. The documentary is called A Plastic Ocean and it’s available on Netflix.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how documentaries have completely shaped our values, whether it’s veganism, environment or fashionNow we can add plastic free/zero waste to our list.

The moment that got us in the film was a graphic scene of scientists cutting open the stomach of sea birds only to find over 200 particles of plastic in their system! It was horrific. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg. / Read More »

Palak Sweet Potato Paneer

Palak Sweet Potato Paneer

Since becoming vegan three years ago I have really started enjoying Indian food at home. I never really cooked it or knew how to make it but started experimenting because that’s what happens when you change your lifestyle. I made the plain curries to start off with but have only recently started experimenting with others, one of them being a spinach based one. I knew what palak paneer stood for as a dish but never knew what it actually meant. Palak means spinach and paneer means cheese. For the sake of understanding what the dish is (as it’s so well known), I have left the name and added sweet potato to it so you know that’s the combination. / Read More »

Finding the Humanity in Non-Vegans

Finding the Humanity in Non-Vegans

Note: This is a guest post by Bob Hand, a blogger from Boise, Idaho. He studied at the University of South Carolina, and keeps a pulse on current issues in animal rights and education. His hobbies include reading and collecting vinyl records. You can follow him on Twitter.

Can we fight cruelty with cruelty? Can we persuade others to embrace a vegan lifestyle through mockery? At times, influential speakers and organizations in the vegan community hinder our shared agenda through such behavior.

I argue that, in order to maximize our outreach, and to truly make progress towards ending animal oppression, we need to find the humanity in non-vegans. / Read More »

The Personal Challenges of Being a Minimalist

This post is about six months overdue. Being three and a half years into minimalism, there are some things that I wanted to talk about that I’m sure will resonate with others. When we first started this journey, my mindset around minimalism was to start throwing out (donating, gifting, rubbish bin etc) as much stuff as I could, that I didn’t need of course. We do come across those items that we didn’t even know we had. We come across others that we have been meaning to get rid off forever and a day, but just never got around to it. When we go through this process of decluttering, we feel liberated, lifted, mentally lighter and it’s awesome! But what happens after that initial burst of cleansing? Maintenance. And that is the most challenging part. / Read More »