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The Personal Challenges of Being a Minimalist

This post is about six months overdue. Being three and a half years into minimalism, there are some things that I wanted to talk about that I’m sure will resonate with others. When we first started this journey, my mindset around minimalism was to start throwing out (donating, gifting, rubbish bin etc) as much stuff as I could, that I didn’t need of course. We do come across those items that we didn’t even know we had. We come across others that we have been meaning to get rid off forever and a day, but just never got around to it. When we go through this process of decluttering, we feel liberated, lifted, mentally lighter and it’s awesome! But what happens after that initial burst of cleansing? Maintenance. And that is the most challenging part. / Read More »

Garlic Curry Roasted Potatoes

Garlic Curry Roasted Potatoes

Do you ever go through phases where you have created a super easy meal, that tastes great and goes with so many other sides? Well, I’ve been digging these garlic curry roasted potatoes for months now. You can have it as a main or a side. We would normally have it with a salad of fermented veggies or fresh greens and if we have a can of chickpeas in the house, I’d toss them through as well. You can add the chickpeas before you pop it in the oven, but I wanted to keep it really simple and plain so you can use this for a lovely side dish alongside many other flavours.  / Read More »

Vegans with families

Note: This is a guest post by Brigitte Gemme, a busy mom of two who tries to feed her family as many home-cooked, made-from-scratch vegan meals as possible. To save time and the planet without losing her mind, she created many templates and resources that have helped her and hundreds of others. She welcomes other parents on her web site, the Smart Vegan Kitchen.

Like so many other vegans, the only regret I have about veganism is not embracing it earlier. Going vegan in my mid-20s would have been so much easier. Back then, I was living with roommates and mostly cooking for myself. I even ate a lot of accidentally vegan food, just because it was cheap.

Unfortunately, it was only in my mid-30s that I became truly aware of the many uncomfortable truths of animal agriculture. I was raised on a farm, so I knew where meat and dairy came from. It took me two years of breastfeeding my own child to start seeing things from the cow’s point of view. As a bike commuter and mindful consumer, I previously thought I lived an eco-friendly lifestyle. I am grateful to have stumbled upon a few philosophers who forced me to reconsider my definition of a good citizen… and to the cookbook authors who taught me to feed myself differently. / Read More »

Easy Fluffy Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I have been craving fluffy pancakes for breakfast for quite some time and seem to be making them pretty much on a daily basis. When I first became vegan, I thought that this was one thing that I would definitely have to give up as most recipes contained ingredients that I don’t deem as ‘healthy’, are hard to find or wouldn’t work if I didn’t have a non-stick fry pan. I don’t like non-stick fry pans as they are toxic and release chemicals every time you heat them, but this could be a post in itself! / Read More »

Legendary Vegan Eats On The West Coast of North America Post

Michael and I got back from an amazing trip up the West Coast of North America a couple of weeks ago, going through legendary vegan eats the whole way up the coast. Still on a high from all the amazing nature we saw, food we ate and people we met, I wanted to share some of that experience with you. It may help you on your trip or even explore more of your own back yard. We have eaten our way through this wonderful area in just under a month. So here it goes!

First off, I wanted to give a big shout out to an app that is so under-utilised (or not even known by fellow vegans!) called Happy Cow. I have mentioned it in this post before, but for those of you that haven’t read it, I am compelled to share it with you because without it, we would have wasted so much time and energy searching for where to go (in addition to all the wonderful suggestions we got from our readers). And no, we are not being paid to say this, they have just created a really valuable source that everyone should know about! / Read More »