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Naked Sacher Torte (Vegan & GF)

Naked Sacher Torte (Vegan & GF)

I remember growing up in Ljubljana and going to a tea house down the road from my home. The place always smelt amazing. I normally went with my dad. His favourite tea was the black tea flavoured with wild cherries. One other thing that he always used to get that we would share was a slice of the classic chocolate cake, sacher torte.

Since then, over 20 years later, I may have had that cake less than a handful of times. It has a special place in my heart though because it takes me back to my sweet childhood. / Read More »

How to Respond When You’re the Only Vegan at the Table

Note: This is a guest post by Bob Hand, a blogger from Boise, Idaho. He studied at the University of South Carolina, and keeps a pulse on current issues in animal rights and education. His hobbies include reading and collecting vinyl records. You can follow him on Twitter.

It’s one of the most distressing parts of daily life for new vegans: learning how to respond to friends and family when they learn you are a vegan. Some friends invited you out to hang out at the local barbecue joint. Or your extended family wants to have a celebratory ham-roasting, turkey-carving reunion for the holidays. How can you navigate these delicate social situations? How should you react when you are the only vegan at the table? This can be serious challenge for those transitioning to veganism.

Mankind is tribal in nature. If some component of your identity sets you apart from the rest of the tribe, such as choosing a vegan lifestyle, you can be (perhaps unconsciously) perceived as a threat. / Read More »

How To Stay Positive When You Know The Truth About The Food System

This post was inspired by one of our readers that emailed us and said this:

“It is difficult to make peace with the great violence in the world once I realised what goes into our food system, and the rampant apathy that allows it to continue. Despite eating much healthier, this troubling thought is hard to reconcile with, and sometimes makes it difficult to have a positive outlook.”

It really struck a cord with me and I wanted to write about it. Does anybody else feel this way? / Read More »

A Mindful Look at Higher Education

A Mindful Look at Higher Education

This is a guest post by Cori – a freelance illustrator and designer and full-time student of the world. She doesn’t use social media all that much, but feel free to drop by and say hi on her instagram if you wish.

There is a product which has been sold to each and every one of us as the be all and end all for securing a future of financial stability. That product is higher education.

Minimalism does not lend itself to only small amounts of physical possessions, but also to mindful, deliberate living. However, due the effects of the status quo, many of us are unable to consistently live in a mindful fashion. Higher education is just one example of this phenomenon. Many of us think of college as just a natural step in the process of life and do not stop to realize that it is simply another well-marketed product.  / Read More »

Juicy Tofu Sandwich With Smoked Mayo

Juicy Tofu Sandwich with Smoked Mayo

A recipe like this juicy tofu sandwich with smoked mayo takes me back to earlier this year when we were travelling through the West Coast of the US. More specifically, the amazing places we are at in Portland and Seattle that inspired this recipe.

The juicy sandwiches, burritos, burgers and wraps we ate were out of this world. But honestly, this one is right in there with the best of them.

Michael and I wanted to experiment in the kitchen together and create a tofu sandwich that would make any vegan proud to serve friends and family that would normally assume that all vegans eat is salad. This sandwich can compete with any other, vegan or not! / Read More »