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  1. Excellent article. I live with two messy packrats, which causes me a lot of stress and exacerbates my depression. One will be leaving in a couple of months, while the other should be leaving next year. I’m selling the house and moving to an apartment at that point. (I’m also vegan, eight yrs, and neither has any interest in that lifestyle.)
    I’m looking forward to reading your past and future articles.

  2. I loved this article Michael. I have been a minimalist for awhile and I’m starting to think about how I can make more eco friendly choices. My main hang up is that I don’t want to make it an issue with the people I live with though they do compost and recycle and reuse already.
    You inspired me to make a few small changes that could make a big impact.

    I’m happy that as a minimalist I have already contributed to the health of the planet by stopping mindless consumption and encouraging others to do the same but I know I can do more!

    1. Hi Jessalynn—I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

      Yeah, eco-living can get a little delicate when living with others, but it’s awesome that everyone is already taking sustainable steps. Thanks for taking the time to comment.