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Listen To Your Own Advice

Listen To Your Own Advice

You may have noticed that we have been pretty quiet on the here, social media and newsletters the last few weeks. The reason being is that at the beginning of this month we decided to take some time out. We felt that we haven’t been practicing what we have been preaching and it felt wrong. You know how it goes, your friend says that they are burnt out and you say ‘you need to look after yourself, don’t burn the candle at both ends!’. Well do you listen to your own advice? We may be minimalists when it comes to material possessions, but mentally and the day to day schedules were pretty ridiculous. Not minimalist at all (in our opinion). / Read More »

A Tea With Dan Erickson From Hip Diggs


Every now and then we post conversations we have with cool people who live mindfully whether it’s living with less or being healthy without doing harm to others. This is not an interview series but more a down-to-earth catchup over a casual cup of tea. Today, we catch up with Dan Erickson. 

Dan Erickson is the passionate simple-living writer behind Hip Diggs. We’ve been following Dan for a year or so now. He’s a teacher by trade, a single father, musician, talented writer and a passionate minimalist. In this conversation we talk about blogging, minimalism and speaking out without worrying about what other people think.
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roasted potato, asparagus and dill salad

It’s been a while since I posted a savoury recipe and I feel like it’s way overdue. This super easy, quick and delicious roasted potato, asparagus and dill salad will do the trick!

I was standing in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago thinking what to make for lunch. I’m a pretty resourceful person so I normally just look at what I have and what needs to be used up. I also needed a recipe to share with you and I was having blanks that week as to what to create. As I was pulling out the asparagus, potatoes and mushrooms I thought that this would just be another quick throw together kinda meal and who would want a recipe for that!? I then realised that they tend to be the best kind. Share with people what you eat on a daily basis and what is quick and easy. I sometimes forget that it’s pretty simple to share and create recipes that may be a last minute idea but taste amazing. Who needs fancy pants recipes that take 3-4 different tests and trials, hours in the kitchen and 20 different ingredients? Not me, thank you. / Read More »


Note: This is a guest post by Fabian and Veronika, founders of The Elementarist, a minimalist lifestyle magazine that covers minimalist living, design and technology celebrating simplicity. It is curated by a team of editors that live and apply minimalism differently. It does not promote one single idea of minimalism or blue blueprints for a minimalist life. The Elementarist is about discovery, inspiration and subjective advice.

As minimalists we constantly try to spend more time with what we love. However, we keep doing things we actually don’t want to do; each month, each week and each day. We’re not merely talking about big, life-changing decisions but about the small, daily choices we make. Strategy is the art to know what not to do and as a minimalist you have to learn to say no to make our life happier and more self-determined. / Read More »


Besides your typical excuses for not becoming vegan, there’s another interesting point that I’m starting to hear more of. People are saying that they understand what’s happening but don’t have the mental capacity to become vegan right now. And that there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed first.

I think this statement is extremely fascinating. The keyword here is mental capacity.

This is a common feeling for many of us. / Read More »