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Finding The Balance Between Zero Waste And Minimalism

You may think that zero waste and minimalism are polar opposites, but they have many similarities. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately with the adoption of a slow progression into zero waste and how it aligns with our minimalist lifestyle. I wondered whether being a minimalist wouldn’t align with zero waste as you are encouraged to keep things and reuse them. To me, that seemed quite the opposite because you end up accumulating bits of things just for the sake of not sending them to landfill. / Read More »

Curried Crouton Chickpea Pumpkin Soup

Curried Crouton Chickpea Pumpkin Soup

From when I started dating Michael he was never a big fan of soup, especially pumpkin soup. I grew up on soups. Everything from a hearty, rich soup, to a more bland one to soothe the tummy. One thing that happened when we moved out together was that I wasn’t as good at making the soups I loved so much as my family was. I always tried to make it more interesting, and get Michael just a little bit more excited about it, but he always commented saying that “it’s not bad” but still felt like he was getting full from just water. / Read More »

Be As Happy As A Minimalist

Be As Happy As A Minimalist

This is a guest post by Jaclyn McCosker, a freelance writer from regional Queensland, Australia. Vegan, minimalist and an aspiring zero-waster, Jaclyn’s background in international development has ultimately led to an interest in the way our consumer behaviour impacts the world around us. You can read more at

From a time before we’re even born, possessions begin to shape who we are. The very act of our conception is celebrated with gifts that begin to pre-determine our identity. These gifts when chosen by colour and design begin to decide things such as our gender identity (whether we are a pink or blue baby), our music taste, our sports teams, our political affiliations and so much more. The clothes and toys of our childhood go on to shape much of our tastes later in life, as well as our relationships with possessions and money. / Read More »

Vegan Black-Eyed Bean Stew

Vegan Black-Eyed Bean Stew

Vegan black-eyed bean stew has been a staple in our household. Being another popular African meal, my mum used to make it for our family on a regular basis.

Just when I thought I was spoilt in Australia, I went back to Ghana in 2005 and this recipe was taken to another level!

In Ghana they call black-eyed bean stew red-red. It gets the red colour from the red palm oil they use which is easily accessible.

It’s common street food that is typically made with meat, fish and ripe fried plantains. It’s a delicious meal and certainly one that triggers fond memories of my childhood. / Read More »

A Minimalists Approach To Creating a Zero Waste Home

We recently watched a documentary that inspired us to create a zero waste home. We’ve always been mindful of the destruction of plastic but this film has pushed us to make significant changes to our lifestyle. The documentary is called A Plastic Ocean and it’s available on Netflix.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how documentaries have completely shaped our values, whether it’s veganism, environment or fashionNow we can add plastic free/zero waste to our list.

The moment that got us in the film was a graphic scene of scientists cutting open the stomach of sea birds only to find over 200 particles of plastic in their system! It was horrific. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg. / Read More »