minimalism vs. maximalism - busy interior design example

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  1. Tina Webb says:

    I love bold colors and art on my walls. So definitely maximalist there. But my wardrobe and furnishings are minimalist. The balance works well for me. The maximalism brings me extreme joy, and the minimalism purpose, clarity and focus.

    I tried minimalist decor, but found I leaned towards it during periods of struggle or hardship. Almost like I wanted my home to reflect the emptiness I was feeling. During periods when I was doing well mentally, I dipped back towards the colors and art I loved. I finally realized allowing myself to have these items that made me feel good comforted me when I was going through a rough patch. And keeping everything else simple was beneficial for my mental health.

  2. Betsy Fernandez says:

    After reading this article I think I have a little bit of minimalist and maximalism.

  3. This was such an insightful read! I am a “pack rat in recovery” coming from a house with “maximalist” (read “hoarder”) parents. As a parent myself to four humans, I have recently started down the road to simplicity and minimalism helps. I enjoyed Josh Becker’s explanation of the two terms from this article. I appreciate your thoughts and sharing. I am thrilled to have found you! Cheers!

  4. Enjoyed reading all the topics discussed in this blog. Loved the comparisons beteen mjnimalists and maximists. Liked the peaceful calm of little to no clutter.