vegan olivier salad

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  1. Using your recipe for a get together with some friends who don’t eat ham so I left out the meat completely! The only thing I tweaked was added chopped white onions. It gives it a little bit of a crunch! Otherwise very delicious. Thank you

  2. I will be trying that it looks delicious ? A similar salad from my childhood which contained mashed egg & shredded chicken I have now veganised and it has become a regular side in my home but I have the majority as a main ?

    Boiled potatoes ( tossed in extra Virgin olive oil salt & pepper)
    Finely chopped tomatoes
    Chopped gherkins
    Sliced spring onion (green part)
    Either dill parsley or coriander ( which ever you prefer or have to hand)
    Vegan Mayonnaise
    When it comes to quantities of the ingredients you can’t really go wrong, it’s how you like it ?

  3. Extremely close to real olivier salad!
    This came out excellently! I also grew up with olivier salad and am engaged to a vegan, so I wanted her to try this new years delicacy. I didn’t have enough time to make my own mayo, so I took a shortcut and used Hellmann’s vegan mayo and it turned out amazingly!!! Thanks for the great recipe =)

  4. I am Russian, and we traditionally cook this salad for our new year parties. It is a tradition!
    I really love your vegan version. It looks delightful, and I am sure it tastes the same.
    Wish you all best!